2016 Presentations

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Opening Session - "Overwhelmed? Angry or Sad? How to create every day emotional certainty while trying to create your family"
Presented by: Kristen Darcy, coach, motivational speaker, and author of “Love and Infertility: Strategies for Survival - Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life"

Breakout Sessions Group A - Please choose from the following:
*Funding Fertility Treatment: Insurance Benefits and Beyond - Davina Fankhauser from "Fertility within Reach"
*PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Infertility - Dr. Scott Lucidi
*Male-Factor Infertility - Dr. Jason Szobota

Breakout Sessions Group B - Please choose from the following:
*Medications & IUI - Dr. Scott Lucidi
*Third Party Reproduction- The Medical Side - Dr. Michael Edelstein
*Mindfulness During Fertility Treatment: An Introduction - Erica Mindes, Ph.D. and Leslie Strickler

Breakout Sessions Group C - Please choose from the following:
*IVF 101 - Dr. Anish Shah
*Third Party Reproduction - The Legal - Colleen Quin
*Pregnancy Loss: Healing the Invisible Wound - Erica Mindes, Ph.D.

Breakout Sessions Group D - Please choose from the following:
*Genetic Testing/Screening for Egg/Sperm & Embryo - Dr. Dennis Matt and Dr. Anish Shah
*Holistic Approaches for Optimal Fertility - Keith Bell, LAc and Josh Sessions
*RESOLVE: Providing Resources, Support and Advocacy During Your Fertility Journey - Candace and Chris Wohl

Final Session - After the ART - Women who have completed their journey will join us for a panel question and answer session to conclude our day. These women have completed their journeys and include: someone who has a child through IVF, gone through Secondary Infertility, Adoption and chosen a Child-Free path.