2017 Presentations

2017 Presentation Listing

Opening Session - "Declare Your Independence and Take Back Your Life from Infertility" The shadow of infertility can be dark and long; many people find themselves unable to focus or think about anything besides getting pregnant. You may struggle with making long term plans (like career changes) or short term plans (planning a vacation.) You may spend half your month obsessing over ovulation, and the second half over pregnancy “symptoms.” It doesn’t have to be like this. In this presentation, we will explore the ways infertility locks our lives down… and how to break free.
Presented by: Rachel Gurevich, Fertility expert for Verywell.com

Breakout Sessions Group A - Please choose from the following:
*Nutrition and Infertility - Josh Sessions
*PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Infertility - Dr. Nancy Durso
*Pre-implantation Genetic Testing - Dr. Lisa Pastore

Breakout Sessions Group B - Please choose from the following:
*Medications & IUI - Dr. Scott Lucidi (Will be repeated)
*Third Party Reproduction- The Legal - Kati Dean
*West Meets East: An Integrative Approach to Reproductive Medicine - Keith Bell, LAc and Dr. Anish Shah

Breakout Sessions Group C - Please choose from the following:
*IVF 101 - Dr. Anish Shah (Will be repeated)
*Third Party Reproduction - The Medical Side - Dr. Michael Edelstein
*Coping with Pregnancy Loss - Linda Zaffram, LCSW

Breakout Sessions Group D - Please choose from the following:
*Medications & IUI - Dr. Scott Lucidi (Repeat)
*Decision Making During the Fertility Journey - Cristal Lake-Sanders LPC
*Male Infertility Overview - Dr. Joseph Ellen

Breakout Sessions Group E - Please choose from the following:
*Funding Fertility Treatment: Insurance Benefits and Beyond - Davina Fankhauser from "Fertility within Reach"
*IVF 101 - Dr. Anish Shah (Repeat)
*Support Resources - Michele Eicher Whiteside, RESOLVE Support Leader